For those who like it hot!! You can make the ultimate Spicy Margarita's or just mix up a Vodka Soda. Pack Contains Chilli Lime Salt, Dehydrated Chilli Limes (20g), Dehydrated Chilli (5g) and Dehydrated Jalapinos (5g). Value if sold seperatly - $27.50 


These beautiful Garnishes are Handmade in the Snowy Mountains by a lover of Great Food, Cocktails and Pretty things.


They make any drink come to life. Great for Cakes, Desserts, Cocktails, Teas and decorations.

All products are made using the finest Australian ingredients. They are made as a garnish, and they are 100% Vegan and Gluten Free. All dehydrated fruit with no sugar added.

All bags are heat sealed for freshness, please store in an airtight container so they last longer.

Chilli Lovers Pack